What is an uncontested divorce?

A divorce (properly called a dissolution of marriage) that is uncontested happens when both parties are in agreement as to the terms of their dissolution. This means that both parties are willing to cooperate with each other and reach an agreement as to the division of property, debts and money; any alimony to be granted; and if they have children, as to the amount of child support and the timesharing schedule with the child.

If you both agree as to most terms and disagree as to others, it is advisable you find an attorney to help you reach an amicable solution. Solving small issues, can save a huge amount of time and money, as the more the parties choose to litigate, the longer the process will take and the more attorney fees each party will incur.

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Uncontested Divorce Options

Option 1: Document Preparation Services

We prepare the documents, you go to court.

With this service, have your documents prepared by an attorney. Not a nonlegal document preparation service. All for about the same price as such companies.


Option 2: Court Representation

We prepare the documents and go to court.

With this service, we prepare all the documents and go to court to represent you.

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