Have you been damaged due to someone else’s breach of contract?

If you have incurred in financial loss or your rights under a contract have been prejudiced due to someone else’s wrongful actions, we can help bringing a civil action to protect your needs. A breach of contract can result in a huge loss to the nonbreaching party, including loss of money and even the loss of an entire business. If you have been damaged by someone else’s breach, you are entitled to money damages, whether they are already stipulated in the contract or not.

Have you been sued in a breach of contract action?

If you have been sued in a breach of contract action, we can help defending the action against you! If you are not currently represented by an attorney, pursuing a case against you is very risky, given the damages that can be assessed against you. Do not go at it alone, call us to help you.

Do you have a contract with another party and you or both are seeking to declare the rights and responsibilities of the parties?

If you have entered into a contract with someone, you might encounter uncertainties regarding the rights and obligations of each of you under the contract. Instead of risking someone breaching the contract and incurring into huge expenses later on and financial loss, it is advisable to bring a civil action to determine the rights and obligations under the existing contract. We can help!

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