What is child support?

Child support refers to the parents’ obligation to support their children. In order to calculate child support, Florida law provides that both parents’ income should be considered, then the court considers other issues such as healthcare costs, day care costs and other special costs necessary for the child.

How much child support do I have to pay?

The amount of child support depends on the income of the parents. To get an idea as to the child support to be paid, the parent can see the established child support table. This table states how much support does the child need, based on the combined income of the parents. These guidelines are used when the first support order is established and every time the child support is to be modified.

Are there situations where I might be ordered to pay a lower or higher amount?

Yes. It is possible for a parent paying child support to be ordered to pay more or less child support. For example, if the child has special needs, the court may order the paying parent to pay higher child support to cover those needs.

I have child support that is too high and I cannot pay. What do I do?

You have to ask the court to modify child support. The legal avenues to do so depends on how the child support was ordered. Call our offices for an initial consultation regarding a modification of child support.

The father/mother of my child(ren) was ordered to pay child support and has not done so. What can I do?

If child support was ordered by a court, you may bring an action for contempt before the court. We can help you bring a contempt action and make the debtor parent pay what is owed to you.

The mother/father of the child does not pay his court-ordered child support. Can I refuse to let him/her see the child?

No. Under Florida law, a parent may not refuse to let the other parent see the child because of the other parent’s unwillingness to pay child support. If you do so, you may be held in contempt. Following a parenting plan is an obligation of a parent independent of both parents’ obligation to pay child support; this means that one obligation does not depend on the other.

I want help with my child support case. What do I do?

If you would like help with your child support case, call our offices for an initial consultation.

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